A carefully worded and properly negotiated contract may be the key to stable and efficient business activities and prevent a number of problematic business situations.

For our Clients we prepare, modify and assess draft business contracts of any kind, both model contracts, including general contract terms and Regulations (for general use, also in transactions with consumers), and complex one-off contracts dedicated to specific projects. We also provide advisory services in contract negotiations, with a particular focus on due and proper securing of the Client’s interests.

During the many years of working experience the lawyers of the Chambers have acquired significant experience, in particular in designing, editing and assessing any types of contracts, including special contracts, specifically:

  • cooperation contracts,
  • distribution contracts,
  • master agreements,
  • long-term contracts for lease and rental of business space and specialist counters,
  • works contracts,
  • property development contracts,
  • subcontracts,
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) contracts,
  • online shopping regulations and privacy policies,
  • factoring and reverse factoring contracts,
  • outsourcing and forwarding contracts,
  • contracts relating to agricultural activities,
  • non-disclosure agreements (NDA),
  • contracts relating to copyrights (copyright waiver, grant of licence),
  • and many other.



In addition, we assist in designing, editing or assessing contractual provisions, declarations and representations made in the form of notarial deeds (e.g. the sale of real property, a property development contract, the creation of or amendment to a mortgage, etc.).