Competition and consumer protection

Fair competition and consumer rights – the key concepts to any Economic Operator.

The range of services supplied by the Chambers includes legal advice on:

  • in the field of competition law, concerning practices of the abuse of a dominant position, conclusion of anti-competitive agreements, including cartels and vertical agreements, and regarding the use of acts unfair competition,

  • in matters involving the control of concentrations, in particular with regard to the assessment of whether it is necessary to make a prior notification of a concentration to the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection or to the European Commission as well as the representation of the Clients in concentration proceedings.

We provide comprehensive legal aid in the preparation of solutions consistent with the applicable law and involving the protection of consumer rights. It includes issues such as the assessment of contracts, regulations and model agreements in terms of lawfulness and primarily in the context of the so-called abusive clauses on the basis of the unfair terms register kept by the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. The services supplied by the Chambers also comprise aspects relating to the use of unfair commercial practices, whether in relevant investigations conducted by the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection or in individual actions which may be brought against economic operators by consumers, as well as issues connected with advertising and provision of information on business activities.

Furthermore, we assess the possibility of classifying specific information as business secrets within the meaning of the act on combating unfair competition and prepare internal documents (e.g. confidentiality policies and other internal acts) aimed at protecting such information.

Our lawyers are also experienced in representing the Clients before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in investigations and proceedings concerning the use of practices harming the collective interests of consumers.