Economic Operators

  • First and foremost, understanding the needs of Business

Economic Operators

Our services are mostly oriented towards legal assistance to Economic Operators in their current operations. The lawyers at Kancelaria have many years of considerable experience in rendering legal advisory services to Economic Operators, particularly those active in construction, design, outsourcing of services, consulting, production, trade, forwarding, IT, SEO, insurance or agriculture. The experience gained by our lawyers and their fields of expertise allow us to develop optimal solutions adequate to the needs and expectations of modern businesses, both large corporations and family firms.

We perfectly understand that an Economic Operator, focussed on its current operating activities, mainly needs pragmatic, efficient and frequently very quick support from an expert lawyer remunerated adequately to the expected gains rather than complex, incomprehensible and costly legal theories.

Therefore, we place particular emphasis on specialisation and summarising the legal information provided to Economic Operators, including the Management, as well as on the legibility of such information. We are aware that the lawyer’s main task is to enable the Client to quickly calculate business risks involved in a given activity under the legal conditions identified by us.

In addition to the information communicated to the Client, we always carry out a meticulous substantive analysis of the problem in question on the basis of the relevant legislation, doctrine and current case-law in order to provide to the Client, as the case may be, a detailed commentary on the solutions recommended, an expert opinion or support in negotiations.

Our services are targeted at both the Economic Operator and its in-house lawyers since we assume that our assistance, as specialists in our fields of expertise, may be comprehensive or auxiliary (consultative) in the implementation of difficult and non-standard projects.

We mainly offer comprehensive support in matters related to the following issues:

In order to automate the application of specific legal solutions, which is particularly important in heavy organisational structures, we help develop model transactions for further use, supporting our Client at the implementation and application stages.