• for Law Firms, the consulting and auditing professions

Cooperation for Law Firms

Do you need support in the implementation of a complex project or in the provision of current advisory services in a specific field of expertise?

We look forward to cooperating with Law Firms as well as with the consulting and auditing professions. The experience of the Partners of the Chambers in the preparation of comprehensive legal expert opinions concerning various areas of law in collaboration with such operators allows us to serve as a reliable consortium member or a subcontractor in the implementation of complex projects for the most demanding Clients.

The Partners of the Chambers have unique experience, particularly in the preparation of comprehensive legal concepts of cooperation between the public and private sectors, also under works and service concessions or public-private partnerships.

Our Partners have drawn up numerous opinions and designed various actions by public entities in compliance with the special provisions applicable to such entities.

We also specialise in public procurement law and labour law, with unique experience in those fields.

We believe that cooperation with other Law Firms and Consulting Companies in the form of outsourcing of legal advisory services allows to achieve mutual and measurable benefits, mainly the Client’s satisfaction and a balance between labour inputs and the output, while cross selling services supplied by us and by our Business Partners.

In our opinion, in order to meet the needs of ever-more demanding Clients in the rapidly changing market in legal services the best solution is to cooperate with specialists capable of providing top-level support.